Our Dave Ramsey Story

I started a YouTube Channel! Yep! You read that right! I disappeared from the blogging world and now I'm reappearing in YouTube land! Lots has been going on in this life of ours, so I just haven't had the time to sit down and write blog posts. The most important thing that has happened to us is that my husband and I have started taking FPU (financial peace university) with Dave Ramsey and it's changing our lives.

We have officially started to get out of debt which consists of my student loans and our car loan. We are hoping to be done by this time next year! Since we have been going at this for a couple of months, we have learned SO much. All of our friends have seen what we are doing, and are asking for advice and help, so I thought, why not start a YouTube channel talking about our story, our progress, and answering questions along the way? I love finding out new ways to save money and I love sharing what we're doing. So, check out my channel, Saving Money With Sarah, and don't forget to subscribe (!) if you are wanting to stay up to date on our story! If you have any questions you want answered, or are just curious about, let me know! I plan on doing a lot of Q&A videos :) I will also post on the blog when I have a new video up and on all of my social media channels! Thanks for following along!

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