Roasted Veggies and Garlic Noodles

OMG y'all this dish has got to be my new favorite dish to make in our house! It's so easy to cook, healthy, and makes tons of leftovers. All wins in my book. This will be perfect to make Sunday night and to have for lunch the next day.

1 Bag of baby red potatoes quartered
Frozen broccoli
Frozen baby carrots (optional)
Olive Oil
Italian Seasoning
Salt & Pepper
1 Box of Rotini noodles
Minced garlic
13x9 pan

Step 1: Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. In pan place potatoes and broccoli (and carrots if you choose, we just don't like them!), drizzle olive oil and stir. Next add salt and pepper to your liking, and coat with Italian Seasoning. I love the seasoning, so I put a lot on it! Stir again and place in oven for 30 mins.

Step 2: After 30 mins, take out and stir again, place back in oven for 20 mins, stir again, put back for another 20 mins. 

Step 3: Cook noodles according to box directions. Once done, drain, put back into pot. Drizzle with olive oil and put in as much garlic as you like and stir.

Step 4: The veggies should be done, and easy way to tell is when you stir them, the broccoli should just fall apart, it'll be really tender.

Step 5: Put back into oven if you feel it needs more time, I do 5 min increments. When done, add noodles to bowl and top with veggies! I sometimes add a bit more salt and a little bit of butter, but you don't have to! 


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  1. This looks SO good and so easy! I'm adding it to my list, but I think I'll try it with some chicken. :)


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