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Wow...I must say it's weird sitting here in front of the computer writing a blog post. I took a looooong unintentional break from blogging, but am happy to be back for now at least! One of the things that changed in the past couple of months is that I got a new job! I'm still doing accounting, but I'm now working 3 days a week for a non-profit organization here. I absolutely LOVE it. I really feel that this is what I'm being called to do. My whole family works for non-profits so it was an easy decision for me. Working for the CPA firm was causing me too much stress, and in order to keep my auto-immune disease under control, I have to control my stress level because it is stressed induced. I was not happy there, I loathed going to work everyday, and was mentally and physically exhausted every day when I got home. I'm happy my stress is now under control again, and I'm not tired all the time. I'm able to enjoy my time with the husband and be able to actually get stuff done around the house. I also work at our church one day a week as the receptionist. It's been super fun and laid back, and I've loved getting to know the staff better. I'm only doing this until they find a full-time person, but I'll take the extra cash for now! :) I'm definitely considering doing one more tax season next year, but I'd only work the two days I'm not working at the non-profit. Well after this super long break, I'm hoping somebody is still out there reading!! I'm sorry I left for so long. I can't guarantee I'll be posting on a regular basis, but now that I have a routine with my work schedule, I'm hoping to be posting more! I miss the blogging world too much!

And a picture for good measure! This is my hubby and I at his cousins wedding in Boerne a couple of weeks ago! I wish someone had told me my hair was in my face before taking this picture! 

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  1. I'm glad that you found a job that you like an helps with immune system. I worked for a non profit but it didn't work out well, but I sure did learn a lot.

  2. Aww! Congrats on the new job and making a decision that is great for your health! Great to see you back here! :) Love that picture of you and your hubby!
    :) Rebecca

  3. A new job is good if the job is one you want or one you need in order to eat.......just saying..................


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