Austin, TX City-Wide Garage Sale

Hello dear friends! I am so incredibly sorry about my long absence here on the blog. Tax season kicked my booty and I worked more overtime than I ever have before. I just didn't have time to do any projects or post on here, but now I'm going to try to work my way back into this!

This past weekend, the hubby and I drove down to Austin for the day. They had a huge city-wide garage sale going on in one of the convention centers downtown. Y'all, this was the most incredible thing ever. I'm already a bargain shopper/garage sale-r, and this was like heaven for me. It cost $6 a person to get in so it was incredibly reasonable. They had a small concession stand and sitting area for people who were tired and hungry.  

It was slightly overwhelming at first. It was basically a giant room/area covered in stuff. People had set up their own tables and areas with all their items displayed for sale. We ended up just walking down every single aisle and around the whole room, looking at the various items that the people had. 

We were surprised by two things:
     1) There really weren't a ton of people walking around. We thought that this place being smack dab in the middle of downtown Austin, it was going to be swarming with people. Luckily that was not the case!!
     2) Everything was reasonably priced. Sometimes when you go to flea markets or market days the sellers can definitely overprice their items.

We came away with 2 vintage hand embroidered pillow cases, a standing globe, an office desk chair, and a vintage collectible toy car for my father-in-law who collects them. If we had bought all of that at the original price they were selling for, we would've spent over $110.00. But since we went on a Sunday afternoon, some items were marked down, and others' people were just trying to get rid of because they didn't want to have to pack them up! We ended up buying everything for just over $65.00. You can't beat that! We almost bought a distressed dresser to use as a TV stand, but it wouldn't have fit in our car. Fortunately, the next city-wide sale is in our town! So we will have a better idea of what is going to be there and be ready with our bigger car!

Do you like garage sale-ing and bargain hunting?? 

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  1. Sarah, can't believe I missed this--looks like SO much fun! Nice to hear that the prices were reasonable, I will have to watch for the next one! Would love to see your pillow cases, I use mine all the time :)

  2. Oh this event is so much fun! I loved going when I lived in Austin :-)

  3. Were those Pyrex dishes?! I want!


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