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Hey friends! I am so sorry for the unexpected blogging break! Tax season is in full swing and has me working lots of overtime! I left you last week with my client's closet makeover, and didn't continue the home tour! So here we go again, here is the master bathroom. It's connected to our master bedroom, and I absolutely love it! 

 It's really big, and I'm thinking of putting some kind of vanity or bench or something in here eventually. I also originally wanted to paint it, but the light tan is growing on me. I like that I can easily change the colors but just changing the shower curtain, rugs, and flowers. I also plan on getting some of that stick on window film for that huge window (like this one). Right now there is not a screen or anything on it, so people can see through it. The house next door to us is empty and for sale so I'm not worried about anyone walking by and looking in just yet, but it's definitely on the top of my list of things to do!!

I also love how they framed the mirror! I'm dying to do the same to our guest bathroom so they match. It's amazing how it can make the bathroom look so much nicer! I got our shower curtain from Target. I like that it has my gray and white, but brings a pop of color with the yellow. 

I got these flowers at Michael's, I'm thinking of changing them out with the seasons, but have yet to decide on that. My favorite thing about this bathroom is how much storage there is. After living in apartment after apartment with zero bathroom storage, I now have more bathroom storage than I could ask for! I'm slowly getting them organized and filled up and will be sure to show y'all the end result!

What do y'all think? Should I add a vanity? A bench? Paint? I really like how this looks. I love hearing your opinions and getting new ideas!! PS I'm still loving how much better the baseboards look now that I've caulked them!

-Paint insides of cabinets and drawers
-Paint walls?
-Buy or build vanity/bench
-Put window film on window

In case you missed it:   Our Master Bedroom
                                   Our Entryway
                                   Our Living Room
                                   The Hallway

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  1. I just love all the white!! It would make it so much easier for me to get ready in the morning with a bright beautiful bathroom like this ;)

  2. It's beautiful and huge! I would totally add a vanity if it were me...somewhere I could have all my makeup/hair stuff. Then my husband and I could be getting ready at the same time without competing for mirror/counter space. I agree that the wall color is nice because you can change it up easily with accessories...but I also understand wanting to paint. I think I want to paint every room in our house!

  3. Looks great--spacious, light and airy! A vanity would be the perfect addition :)

  4. What a beautiful and bright space!


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