Home Tour: Guest Bedrooms

Thanks so much for all the great comments from Monday's post, y'all! One of the best things about being a blogger, all the support and being able to share great news! I wanted to continue on our home tour for y'all today. Next up we have the guest bedrooms. We have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house, so since you've already seen the master bedroom, here are the other two!

This room will stay the guest room. As you can see it is already set up, and I know my parents and in-laws have already enjoyed staying in here. The walls came painted gray. They left some of the paint behind, so I'm thinking about just doing another fresh coat over this one, as we actually like this color as opposed to the ugly yellow walls the rest of the house had!

I fully intend on getting some new curtains. These ones came with the house and do not block any of the sunlight. The sun shines through those windows bright and early every morning, so we will need some darkening ones if any of our guests are going to want to sleep in! I also want to get a night stand and a rug for this room. Kind of warm it up a little and make it more inviting. I need to hang some things on the wall as well, just haven't gotten to it yet!!

This is our second "guest room" as you can see it is A MESS! This has just been the dump room since we have moved in. I wanted to show you the before picture so you can see what we were having to deal with! The new color is Olympics' Morning Jog, and it is the most perfect light blue color. It goes amazingly with white! Definitely a lot better than that ugly salmon color (what were they thinking?) This room will actually be turning into an office/guest room, and eventually the nursery! It's a real small room so it will work perfectly for this! I will try to put some updated photos up once it looks a little bit better! My parents came last weekend and took the queen bed out of there and gave us their daybed. It actually has a trundle underneath, so when you put it all together it makes a king sized bed. I still need to get a desk in there and then get it all set up! I'm so excited to finally have a place to put our computer and printer! 

I am aware that this might be the world's longest home tour! #bloggerfail I'll tried to get it wrapped up soon!! 

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  1. It's so fun to keep getting a tour of your lovely home. You are doing a great job! It just takes so much time, not just the decorating but the organizing and setting up too!

  2. Love the bedding and bed in your guest room! Our office (spare bedroom) is our dump station for everything...I really need to clean it out, but it's just so easy to throw stuff in there and shut the door. One of these weekends I need to do some major organizing in there.

  3. I like those curtains :) What about fitting a bamboo blind underneath them for when guests stay over? Love the updated colour of the second room too! x

  4. Lovely guest room! I like the blue/white hues a lot it really brightens it up!


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