A Life Update...Overcoming Cancer

Hey friends, today marks an exciting day for me and my family. Today is my mom's last chemo treatment for breast cancer! This day could not come soon enough!! We are so incredibly happy to be moving on and away from this. You might have read my post almost a year ago explaining it all, but I will do a recap for you here.  

At the end of January last year, my mom called me and told me that she had just found out she had breast cancer. It was one of the worst days of my life. I can remember everything so vividly, my world stopped. I am very lucky to have such a close relationship with my mom, I consider her a best friend, and talk to her just about everyday on the phone. I couldn't believe she was going to have to go through this. She didn't deserve it. I prayed and I questioned God, why did this have to happen? Especially now? My husband and I had just moved 5 hours away and tax season was just starting for me. I wanted to be there for my mom the whole way through, but it wasn't going to happen.

On her birthday, a week and a half later, she had a mastectomy. Luckily my boss let me leave so my husband and I could be there for the surgery. It was an incredibly nerve wracking day and exhausting. It was hard to see my mom so vulnerable and scared, but she was so strong. I can't even imagine being in her position, and I hope I never am.  She then started two different chemo treatments, one being the bad one that made her lose her hair, appetite, and energy. The other being one that just made her extremely tired for a day or two. She had her last "bad" chemo treatment last summer, and is ending her other treatment today. She will then go in to have her port removed, have reconstructive surgery, and be able to live her life again like she used to! 

It's so great to see her with her energy and happiness back. God is amazing, He pulled our family even closer through this hard time, and I know we can get through anything. I have the most amazing husband who let me cry on his shoulder all through the night when I couldn't go to sleep, and calmed me down and helped me understand that this stuff happens. I have great friends who checked in on me everyday, who sent my mom cards, and prayed for us. 

Anyways, I know this got wordy, but I just wanted to update everyone, and kind of just have this moment to look back on in my life. I do thank those of you who prayed for my mom and family. I know that they were heard! Do you have any stories like this? I'd love to hear them? Need me to pray for you and your family? Let me know, please!

I will leave you all with this, just saw it on Pinterest:
   "Those who leave everything in God's hand will eventually see God's hand in everything" - Author Unknown

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  1. SO happy for you and your family that this journey is ending. Sending continued prayers & hugs <3

  2. So amazing and so happy for your family! Sending lots of hugs your way!

  3. So wonderful! I am so glad your mom is done with the treatments and can live a normal life! God really is so good!


  4. So glad your mom is doing better and has her last chemo treatment today! I'm very close with my mom too, and I can't imagine what you (and your mom) went through. I'm glad prayers were answered and she is doing well!

  5. So happy for you Sarah, that's wonderful!!

  6. I am pleased to read some good news from you about your mum

  7. So happy for you and your family Sarah :) x

  8. I am so thankful to hear your family's good news. God is faithful!


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