Hair Tie Organization + Rub N Buff

The other day I made my weekly trip to Target, and spotted this little organizer in the "One Spot" area. I had no idea what I was going to use it for, but you can't beat organizing items for $1.00! So when I got home and started looking around and thinking about what I could use this nifty little gadget for.

After running to my bathroom to get a hair tie for my hair, I realized exactly what I could use this for! I grabbed some Rub N Buff Gold Leaf, and went to town! I had never used Rub N Buff before but I had a 40% Coupon to Michael's and picked some up last week. I YouTubed some videos and started painting.

This was such a simple and easy project. I love the pop of gold and how girly this turned out! I think I may be addicted to Rub N Buff, I'm constantly on the lookout for what else I can paint!!

Have you have used Rub N Buff before?  How do you keep your hair things organized?

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  1. oh!!! i need this. I am forever loosing hairties and bobby pins. And i am always buying them.

  2. Great idea for organizing hair ties...mine are all just thrown in a bag along with clips, bobby pins, etc., so I really need to do something like this. I've never used Rub N Buff before, but this makes me want to try!

  3. This is such a great idea! I am forever losing all of my hair ties!

  4. I like how everything is portable and all in one container. My girls are always doing their hair all over the house and leaving bits and pieces everywhere. Maybe it everything is in a portable container they won't leave pins & clips out.

  5. really cute...i love posts on how to get organized. Right now i keep all my hair stuff in dishes, but it's all jumbled together.


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