I'm Addicted to Pinterest + Tips

Pinterest is the greatest thing ever! I could literally spend hours and hours on it (#sadlife), but really, I think I may be addicted! There are just so many great ideas out there that it just blows me away! I'm constantly thinking, "Why didn't I think of that!?" A lot of things that I have done around my home are things that I have found on Pinterest, and a lot of our favorite recipes I found on there! I wish so much that I had known about Pinterest when we got married. Although, when I look through all the wedding ideas, a lot of the things that we did are on there!

The other great thing about Pinterest is that it can grow your blog! For you newbie bloggers out there, make sure you are pinning your posts, and have a "Pin It" button on your blog! I'd say AT LEAST 75% of my page views stem from Pinterest, and that is how I've gotten many of my followers. Also, make a board specifically for your blog posts, and pin to it. Make the board one of the first boards on your page so that when people go to your page, it's one of the first they see!

Are you addicted to Pinterest? Give me your Pinterest address so I can follow you!

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  1. I'm addicted to pinterest as well. I need to put a pin it link on my blog.

  2. We can log in our hours together girly! I'm right there with you ;)

  3. OMG I'm totally addicted too! I'm always finding new things I want to do around our house or new recipes to try...it's great!! My username is ErickaMarie87 :)

  4. I definitely LOVE pinterest too!

  5. Pinterest is the best! I have been surprised that it consistently generates more traffic to my Etsy business and new blog than other social media.

  6. I am so addicted to pinterest as well... follow me @mandapanda1777
    I wish I had my blog at blogspot it seems to be easier to get links up but then again I feel dumb on technology at times !! I'm glad I found your blog :)


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