How to Create a Seasonal Closet

Okay, I know most of you out there have closets exploding with clothes! You either don't have enough room for them or you don't know what you have. It's time to clean them out! Carve out a couple hours Saturday morning and JUST DO IT! Cleaning out your closet will not only relieve some stress in your life (who likes looking in a closet filled to the top with clothes?), but it will help you figure out what you have and what you still need to buy!

An easy way to get a lot of those clothes out of there is to separate them out for different seasons. Right now, Texas is just barely getting into fall weather, so once it's at a constant cool temperature, I'll be putting away my spring/summer wardrobe and bringing out my fall/winter wardrobe.

If you have a lot of clothes, or get to enjoy all four seasons, you could even separate out your clothes into all of the seasons. When I am switching out my seasonal clothes, I usually take that time to organize my closet as well. It's like killing two birds with one stone. This essentially is taking everything out of your closet and going through it one item at a time.  This helps you to really see everything that you own. You can follow my closet organization tutorial HERE.

You are going to need some big plastic containers for this project. I use some similar to these ones. They pack well and stack on top of each other easily. Once you've sorted everything out, make sure you've cleaned everything, nobody likes dirty clothes that have been packed for months. In another area take out all of your in season clothes. Once the containers are empty, start folding up the out of season clothes and set them in the containers. You want to take the time to fold your clothes nicely so they aren't extremely wrinkled when you take them out next season.  When the containers are filled, pop the tops on them and put them back where you got them! I keep my containers in the coat closet. We don't use it very often and they are hidden by our coats so no one really sees them and they are out of the way.

With your current season clothes unfold, wash anything you think needs to be washed, or ironed, and put it all away. Easy peasy! I love this part because I always forget what I own, so it's like getting a whole new wardrobe!

Another tip for you, when summer or winter clothes go on major clearance sale and you buy stuff, be sure to fold it and put it in the out of season containers so you have brand new clothes come next season!!

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  1. I love switching my closet for different seasons! It totally is like getting a new wardrobe haha. And I wish it was just barely fall's definitely winter. Boo!

  2. These are some great tips! I definitely switch out my closet for different seasons. It always makes me so happy to remember the clothes that I had forgotten I own. :-)

  3. I love your ideas! I use the season changes as well to go through and purge and replace my clothing. I am also a huge fan of shopping in off season, you can get such great deals!

  4. Great tips! My apartment closet is extremely small to say the least and so for space sake I have to rotate my clothes with the seasons. But going to school in Arkansas can prove a challenge with the weather. It was 40 degrees and 75 degrees all in one week. Needless to say, it's always a gamble when to pack away my lighter knits.

  5. New follower from The daily tay! I am looking forward to your organization tips!

  6. Hello Sarah I came over from.............well I forget where I came from.....................but not important I am here now and that is all that matters.................right...............I don't have much room for clothes so I like to pack away my out of season clothes into a box that sits at the foot of my bed................sometimes I think I will never have enough space.............


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