How to Make Jalapeno Poppers

Jalepeno Poppers are some of my favorite things to make when we BBQ. They are really easy to make, and everyone loves them! Although they aren't the healthiest side, they are the BEST! Warning: these can be spicy! If you are not a spicy food eater, be warned!

-Jalapeños (however many you want, remember 1 Jalapeño=2 Poppers!)
-Cream cheese (1 block usually is good for about 1 dozen jalapeños, depending on size of course)
-Uncooked bacon ( I cut them in half, so 1 piece=2 poppers)
-Rubber gloves (optional, this is to keep the spiciness off of your finger! I always forget and then my eyes burn when I take out my contacts!)

-While wearing gloves, rinse jalapeños, cut off the end with the stem, slice in half, and deseed

Step 2:
-Fill halves with cream cheese (put as much as you want in)
-Slice half a bacon slice, wrap around pepper, and stick a toothpick in to keep the bacon wrapped

Step 3:
-Once all the poppers are made, lay down some foil on a heated grill
-Add poppers to foil and cook

**Cooking time & heat are to your judgment, as everyone's grills are different! I usually wait until the bacon is crispy and they have a blackened bottom**

Step 4:
-Once finished, remove foil and poppers from grill, let cool and enjoy! (be sure to take toothpick out before eating!)
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  1. I was craving jalapeno poppers just the other day! Will definitely have to give this recipe a try.

  2. These are such a great appetizer for football parties! They are always a hit when I make them. Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. These are already on my to-make list for a birthday this weekend. We use the oven but the grill sounds awesome too. These have me hungry and looking forward to making them.

  4. These are one of my fav appetizers!!! My healthy side goes out the window for these! :)

  5. Yum, I will have to try these. Have you ever done them in the oven?


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