Monday Meals: Healthy Veggie Taco Dip

Omm Nom Nom Who doesn't love a great healthy dip?? This dip is perfect for hanging out by the pool during the summer, or watching football in the winter! It has a lot of ingredients, but it easy to make!

2 Cups of cooked rice
1 Can red beans drained
1 Can of corn drained
1 can of black beans drained
Grated Carrots
4 Green onions chopped
1 Can of black olives drained
1/4 Cup vinegar
1/4 Cup olive oil
2 tsp. Cumin
2 tsp. Chili powder
1/2 Cup Picante sauce
Grated cheddar cheese (to your liking)
**For extra ZING add a can of Rotel tomatoes!**

Step 1:
In large bowl, mix rice, beans, corn, carrots, and olives.

Step 2:
In a small sauce pan, add the vinegar, olive oil, cumin, and chili powder. Heat up. Pour over the mixture in step 1.

Step 3:
Add Picante sauce, cheese, and if you want, Rotel.

Step 4:
Mix well, ENJOY!

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  1. This looks so yummy, love that it is vegetarian, will have to try it!

  2. I want this in my belly. Right now.

    Is it bad that I don't know what Picante sauce is?

  3. Ooo... Yummy! This sounds so very good!!! :-)

  4. I love any kind of dip... especially Mexican style dips! This looks so good! Thanks for linking up! :)

  5. Yummy and a veggie recipe. I'm going to have to bookmark this to try!

  6. This look to-die-for! I seriously love every single ingredient that this has it! Trying this weekend!! :) Happy Tuesday, love!

  7. I love dips!!
    Come link up with me today and share!!


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