How to Keep Your Clothes Organized While Moving

As I have mentioned before, my husband and I are in the process of moving! Although this is a very exciting time for us, it's also extremely stressful! Will all of our stuff fit in our new place? Did we get our address transferred for everything? How are we going to move all of this?

This past weekend while the hubby was down in College Station for the A&M/Alabama game, I packed up our closet. He'll be making a trip down to our new apartment this week, so I wanted everything to be ready to go! If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw my lovely clothes being packed away! Today, I just wanted to give you all a helpful tip to keep your clothes organized while you move! 

I'm not sure how I learned to do this, or if someone told me, but I've been packing my clothes this way since I went to college. Those cardboard boxes that you can get to hang your clothes are just WAY to big and not necessary. At least, not for me, YET. We are moving from a small space to a little bit bigger space. For me, it's just easier to move my clothes this way instead!

All you need are some trash bags with a draw string.  You don't have to go and buy the most expensive ones either. The pack I bought had 30 in it for like $2.50. 

***I'm going to go ahead and mention this is for packing up your HANGING clothes, don't want anyone to be confused**

Moving on, get one bag and open it up. Tear a hole in the middle of the bottom of the bag. This will be where the hangers will get inserted. Next, grab a handful of hangers with clothes hanging on them. I averaged 12-15 hangers per bag. Get your bag and thread the hangers through the whole. Do all of the hangers at one time. Once all hangers are through the bag you should be just holding the hangers with the bag hanging over them.  Lay the bag/hangers on the bed. Any clothes hanging out (long shirts, pant legs, dresses) fold up into the bag, and pull the draw string and make a knot. Ta-da! First set done! Repeat until all clothes are packed!

I understand that this may cause some of your clothes to wrinkle, but it shouldn't be too bad. I've never had a huge issue, or really any issues at all! This system is also awesome because in case a clothing item falls off of the hanger, it will stay in the bag! This eliminates the step of taking the item off the hanger, then putting it back on the hanger. I HATE hangers, so less time spent with them the better!

How do you pack up your clothes when you move? Do you just throw them all in a bag? Or do you use a cardboard box?

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  1. FAB idea, I love this! Thankfully we had movers for our last move, but this would be excellent for an in town move!

  2. I've seen this once before and I'm glad I found this. We are moving in a few weeks too!

  3. What a great idea! I will definitely keep this in mind if we ever move again...would have saved me lots of hassle in our past moves :)

  4. I wish I had done this. We just moved all our clothes in to the new place two days ago. Andrew's version of moving them was by throwing them all on a dolly and pushing the dolly into the apartment (we've moved a block away). Which caused a lot of clothes to get run over by said dolly.

    This is why I shouldn't let a boy do the moving while I'm a work.. lol.

    Good luck with your move!

  5. I do this to and everyone makes fun of me. It makes life so much more easier because you can just pick up and go.

  6. Oh my gosh! This saves so much time having to fold and then rehang everything. It make so much sense too. I'm kind of kicking myself for all the times I've moved and never thought about it. Pinned this on to my Useful Tips board so I never forget. :) now following via GFC :)

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