6 Pinterest Inspired Packing and Moving Tips

As I mentioned last week, my husband and I just found out that we are moving in 2 weeks!! Yikes!! I've been scouring Pinterest for some tips that I could use to get our stuff packed efficiently and easily. Here are some posts with some great tips that I will be using! Some of them I already implement into our moving routine, but a lot of them I didn't even think of, like using Press and Seal wrap to hold all of your items in your drawers so you don't have to pack them up, great idea!! So go take a look around and let me know what fun tips you hadn't heard of before!

1. 10 Best Moving Tips

2. 33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

3.How to Safely Pack Plates for Moving

4.An Organized Move-Tips for Moving

5.Moving Tips

6.My Favorite Moving Tips

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  1. Thanks for these! I'm definitely pinning this...

  2. I hope that your move goes well and very smoothly! :D

    I found you through the blog hop, and am now following :D

  3. I definitely could've used this a few months ago! Ha. I'll be sure to save them for next year though. :)

    Also. I don't follow very many blogs, 23 to be exact, and I'm going to be hosting a giveaway sometime next week once my FB page hits 150 likes (it's got 9 to go!), so I wanted to let you know so you could participate since you're one of those. :)

    Hope your day is wonderful!

  4. Thanks for including my post in the round-up! Hope you found some of my tips useful. Good luck with the move! ~M.


  5. I thought I posted earlier, sorry! Thank you for including me in your roundup! (valeriewritenow.com)

  6. Thanks for sharing, and me and my wife are finally moving out of our little danky apartment. And my wife is trying to be as helpful as she can, because she loves pinterest and she's actually found a lot of great tips that have already made our moving process easier which is great.

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  9. Hi Sarah,
    I really appreciate sharing those 6 valuable blog posts regarding packing and moving stuff.

  10. Thanks for sharing those pins! They might be useful for other movers in the future. Anyway, it’s also advisable to use plastic bubble wraps for some fragile items like china and frames, because it will keep them from bumping into each other and being jostled around when you're moving them.

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