The Ultimate Green Bay Packers Fan!

**Linking up with my girl Sarah for Fan Friday!**

As most some of you may know, football season is right around the corner. That means our household is in full force getting ready! Both my husband and I are huge football fans. He enjoys college and I love the NFL. When I was younger, my family lived in Green Bay, WI for about 5 years, and that Packer blood never left.  I now live in Dallas, TX home of the cowgirls, and it's just awful, no I'm just kidding, but I do love to rag on our friends who are cowboy fans! I'm not really sure why the Packers are such a huge thing for me other than I lived in Green Bay. No one in my family is a big football fan, we would watch Packer games, but when we moved back to TX, we stopped.  My love for them has never gone away! When we lived in Green Bay, the Packers won the SuperBowl. I remember the huge parade we had and how COLD it was! Packers fans are the best fans ever, they brave those below zero temps to cheer on their team! Good ole' Brett Favre and Reggie White came to our school to talk to us, I even got to shake their hands. Holla! 

If that isn't cool enough, when the Pack went to the Super Bowl and few years ago, Lil Wayne even made a song for them!! Here is the link: 

As the years have passed and with the Packers winning another Super Bowl, I have gotten a few shirts here and there. I even have some Packers wine glasses! But I never had a cheesehead or a jersey.  Enter the past year. For Christmas last year, my little brother surprised me with the one thing all REAL Packers fans have, a CHEESEHEAD! Yes, these things look absolutely ridiculous, I accept that, but it's part of the Packers history! I almost cried when I opened that present and realized what it was.  Then, for my birthday this year, my husband surprised me with a Clay Matthews jersey, and painted Packers Toms! I just about died. One, I love Clay Matthews, he's a really great person, and an even better football player. Second, I was super impressed that my husband found Etsy (on his own) and ordered a custom made pair of Toms. He seriously gives the best gifts!!

Btw, if you have never worn Toms, go try a pair on. Before I got these, I had never even tried some on. I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable they were. I have really high arches, so I need arch support, and sure enough these even have that! I love how you can just slide them on and you're ready to go! Oh, and the girl who made these for me, made them waterproof, win. 

Anyways, enough about me going on and on about the Packers, what is YOUR favorite team? Are you an avid football fan too?

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  1. Go Pack Go! I've lived in Wisconsin all my life, so naturally I'm a huge Packers fan. Now I know I'm not the only one in blogland!

  2. I cannot believe you got the shake Brett Favre and Reggie White's hand. I don't think I'd ever wash my hands again.

  3. Oh my word! I love your Packers Toms! :-)

  4. i am SO SO SO in love with the packers. my FIL used to play for them!!
    cutest TOMS EVERRRRR!


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