Wedding Wednesday: Pre-Ceremony Pics

Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday! Sorry I have not kept up with this like I should have been! We are finally on to the actual wedding!! Get excited!! It's so crazy that this was a year and a half ago! It seems a lot longer!!

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Our wedding was at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, so I had to get up super early to start my hair and makeup.  I had my hair lady that I went to during college drive up and do my hair.  She actually cut these bangs for me the day of my wedding, I'm still not sure if that was a good idea or not, but oh well!  After I got my makeup done, I went to get my makeup done.  I used to work at a department store in k-town and made friends with the makeup ladies, so I went over there and had them do my makeup for me.  We did a lot of trials to get it right for the big day. I think it turned out amazing.

Annoyed face: we were running behind!!
MOH and my mom helping me out!
Once I got back to the church, all my bridesmaids had shown up and were getting ready.  We snacked and just hung out.  It was nice to spend some time with them before the craziness started! Of course we had to take ten million pictures!  While we were getting ready, according to Jeffrey, him and his groomsmen were all down the hall scarfing down double cheeseburgers from McDonalds, how lovely. haha 

I don't know if this is normal or not, but I of course didn't let Jeffrey see me before the wedding, but I also wanted to surprise my dad.  I'm the only girl in my family so I wanted this day to be just as special for him.  So right before I left to walk down the aisle, he came and got me and we did a "first look" with him.  We both started crying, it was awesome to share a moment like that with my dad before I got married.

I discovered Pinterest right before we got married and saw people taking pics with their future husbands before the wedding without seeing each other and I HAD to do it! We found a door and had Jeffrey walk by and stand on the other side before we opened it. I gotta tell you, this was the most strangest moment of the day but one of the best! It completely calmed my nerves holding his hand, but it was so weird not being able to see him! All I wanted to do was give him a huge hug and a big ol' kiss. It definitely amped up the excitement to see him when I walked down the aisle. 

My dad wrote me a letter for me to read before I walked down the aisle! Love him! :)
Getting ready to go!
Check back next week for ceremony pictures! I'll be showing you THE BEST wedding photo you have ever seen, and I am not just being biased on that (or am I?) 

What was your favorite part of your wedding? Did you see your husband before the wedding? What about your dad?


  1. I'm not going to see my groom before the wedding, but I plan on seeing my dad before it. I'm getting married in 17 days and then thing I'm most worried about is staying on track with time. We have a little bit of time between the ceremony and reception to do some pictures, but I don't want to be super late to the reception. Did you do a lot of your pictures before the wedding? That's my plan...just wondering if you had any suggestions :)

  2. oh my gosh! i love the pre-wedding picture without seeing each other! i can't imagine how much energy was flowing through you knowing your future husband was on the other side of that tiny door! probably made the moment you saw each other from down the aisle that much more emotional. your dress was beautiful ;)

    glad i found your blog via the Wedding Wednesday link-up! looking forward to the rest of your wedding recaps :)

  3. How beautiful! I didn't see my husband until I walked down the aisle but looking back on it I wish we had done a private first look with just us and the photographer. I really would have loved to capture his face when he first saw me but because he was standing in front of 70 people so he just looked terrified instead! lol

  4. We plan on doing a similar meet but not look for out wedding. We are also doing out ceremony around 4 or 4:30 to so I have a feeling i'll feel rushed too! thanks for linking up


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