Monday Meals: How to Quickly Cook an Artichoke!

This past year, my husband and I have become obsessed with artichokes.  They are pretty expensive in the winter, but they are now getting cheaper as summer is rolling in! At the Kroger here, they were 10 for $10, meaning, $1.00 a piece! Can't beat that I tell ya! I've heard that I a lot of people don't know how to cook an artichoke, just that they like eating them, so today I'm teaching you how to quickly cook one!

-Deep microwaveable dish
-Kitchen scissors
-Saran wrap

Step 1:
-Be sure to rinse off the artichoke just like you do with other vegetables and fruits. Cut the bottom stem off so that the artichoke can sit straight up. After that, take your scissors and cut off the pointy tops of the leaves. After you finish, it should look like the picture above ^^^.

Step 2:
-Get your microwavable bowl and fill about 1/4 to 1/2 the way.  Set the artichoke in the water upside down (stem side should be facing upwards).  The water should come up to about half of the artichoke. Take a piece of Saran wrap and lay over bowl, DO NOT COVER the whole bowl. I usually just cover half of the bowl.

Step 3:
-Microwave for 5 mins.  The cook time for your artichoke will vary depending on size! To tell if your artichoke is done or not, try pulling off a leaf. If it comes off easily, then it's done, if not, cook another 3 mins.  I usually do the 5 mins, then in increments of 3 until it's done! Usually it takes about 8-10 mins to cook.

Step 4:
-Remove from microwave IT IS HOT so be careful, be sure to use an oven-mitt. Let cool for a few minutes.  Take out of water and squeeze out the water that stays in the artichoke.

Step 5:
-Enjoy! I usually dip the leaves in mayo. Some people add some lemon juice to it, or they dip it in butter. We eat this along side a baked sweet potato!

**How to EAT an artichoke!**
-Pull off a leaf from the bottom, dip in preferred dip, scrape off the bottom with your teeth! Once you get down to the fuzzy heart, take the fuzz off and you can eat the heart!

Let me know if you have any questions on this! Hope you all enjoy! There are so many different way to eat an artichoke, but this is a quick and easy way to do it!


  1. Hello Sarah!

    I've never eaten an artichoke. I find them so intimidating. lol. But perhaps now, I will have to give it a go. :)

    I'm a now follower from the Collective blog hop.

    Have a fantastic Monday!

    Krys @ Sunshine&Rain

  2. Wow, thank you for posting this, I had no idea! I usually only eat the artichokes that come pickled in oil in a jar, I wouldn't know where to start cooking one. I will definitely try this.

    Lyndsay xx

  3. Definitely good to know! I've never cooked an artichoke but I'll have to remember this for later!

  4. What a great idea for a post! I've only boiled them before but that takes at least 30 minutes so I rarely do that. I will be trying the microwave cooking method soon! Thanks for linking up with us!

  5. I have been wanting to try artichokes, thanks for making it look easy! Everything I found seemed way too complicated! I will be trying them for sure now.

  6. This post is so helpful! I'm inspired to give them a shot!

  7. Very interesting. I've never had these and you make it look good

  8. I definitely need to buy some artichokes again-- my oldest son and I absolutely love them. It has been awhile, thanks for reminding me.

    Thank you for sharing on our Healthy Tuesdays Blog Hop, I hope you will join us again next week!
    Kerry from Country Living On A Hill


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