5 Ways to Spend More Time with Your Husband

Summertime is J's busy season, meaning he works every weekend, while I am off, and he's off while I'm working.  It has taken some time for us to get used to this, and try to figure out different ways for us to maximize our time together. This has been a very difficult process and is one we are still working on. Here are just a few things we do together instead of apart, so that we can spend as much time together as we can!

1. Work-out Together:  J has really gotten into working out this past year, and is extremely dedicated by going just about every other day.  While I don't HATE working out, it's just not something I typically want to spend my time doing haha.  So when he would go, he'd be gone for at least an hour and a half in the evenings and I would never see him.  So instead of making a big deal out of it, I just decided I would go with him.  This is actually a win-win situation.  I get to spend time with him, but I'm also making myself healthier!

2. Go Grocery Shopping Together: Ever since we have gotten married, we go to the store together.  I'm not really sure how it started, probably because we did that in college too? Anyways, this is also a win-win situation because we get to 1. spend time together, and 2. we each get everything we need at the store. J is a picky healthy eater so I never know what exactly he wants to eat, so him just coming with me and picking out what he wants works perfectly! It also allows us both to see what we are buying and how much it all costs for when we work on our budget.

3. Go For a Walk: We try to go for a walk on days we don't work out.  This gets us moving and out of the house for a little bit. Our apartment is right next to a subdivision, so it has lots of sidewalks.  Going for walks takes away the distractions of phones/computers/TVs and lets us just talk and catch up.  We love looking at the different houses and dreaming of what we will have one day, or what we want. It helps us to really start talking about the future and what we want for our lives together.

4. Go to Bed at the Same Time: We really try to go to bed at the same time. We get ready for bed and then read for about 30 mins together. This is just a nice and relaxing way to get ready for bed. We then do our daily devotional reading, pray, then go to sleep. (does this happen every night? no, but we try our hardest!)

5. Cook Together: This is something we are currently working on.  I'm trying to J to become more involved in the kitchen.  Right now I cook, then he cleans up after dinner, but I'd like for us to cook together more often. We always have fun doing that!

What are some ways you have found to spend more time with your significant other?


  1. Love spending time with my man. We have great talks when we are walking!

  2. We've kind of fallen out of running errands together because I do them during the day now. But it was fun going out to dinner then going to Sam's Club (is that weird?).

  3. My fiance and I love going for walks (with our dog too). We chat about our day and just enjoy some great time together with no distractions.

  4. I love these ideas! I especially love the going to bed together one, it's the best! :)


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  6. Great advice/tips. Now that my hubby is semi-retired, we see lots more of each other, but it was making time for each other throughout our marriage that made us best friends now. : )

  7. I wish I the boyfriend and I can sleep together, too bad we have conflicting shifts! :(


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  9. We've always gone grocery shopping together--it turns a not so pleasant chore into a date, which is awesome! Going to bed at the same time has always been a big priority, too. I understand a little of what you're going through--For the next month--every single day I have off, my husband is working. And then, two weeks after that, we'll be apart for 20 days. So I'll definitely be prioritizing any time we can spend together!


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