5 Things to Do When Your Bloggy Bestie Visits Texas!

As most of you know, Lacey from Sunny + Turquoise and I are kinda bloggy besties.  And by kinda, I mean we ARE. I absolutely love this girl so much and I am so happy that I met her and got to know her through this little bloggy blog! Lace Face is coming to visit me in the good ole' state of Texas in TWO WEEKS!! I can't believe it! It'll be so awesome to actually meet face to face and get to hang out. We skype, google chat, text, talk on the phone, but meeting in person is going to be awesome!! Lacey wants to become a Texan while she is down here so I thought it'd be fun to tell y'all a little about what we plan on doing while she is here in the Big D!

1. Go country dancing!-This girl loves country music and has never two-stepped in her life. (say what?!) I know. So the hubby and I plan on taking her to Billy Bob's dance-hall to get our dance on and show off our moves! Lacey has no idea what "real" country music is (Texas Country) so we are excited to show her!

2. Visit the Stockyards- If you have ever been to Fort Worth, then you know what the stockyards are and how "Texan" they are! I can't wait to show Lacey some horses, long-horns, and real Mexican food (Joe T. Garcia's). I'm guaranteeing that she goes home with a cowboy hat, a "Don't Mess With Texas" shirt, and cowboy boots.

3. Lay out at the pool- Lacey is from the chi-town area and see's no sun! Well, not as much as we do here. So we will be maxing some serious time out at the pool.  She'll get to experience a real Texas summer (think 100 degree weather AT LEAST)

4. Eat Mexican food-Yes, this is its own catagory! The Mexican food in Texas is REAL Mexican food, and it. is. amazing. When Lacey told me she liked Mexican food I was skeptical because there is no way that there is good Mexican food up north.  I want to show her homemade corn and flour tortillas, with homemade guac and queso. I can't wait to gobble up!

5. Shop!- Something both Lacey and I do well is find bargins while shopping.  I know I am not a fashion blogger like she is, but I love shopping and buying new clothes (only if they are on sale of course) I love comparing our finds from the weekends with each other.

I can't wait for her to get here! We definitely plan on taking plenty of pictures that we will be sharing here in blogland! Have you met any bloggy besties in person? Any advice?


  1. Yay I love blog bestie friendships!! I was in TX in Sept visiting friends and we did a lot of those things as well, I think that will be a good TX experience! Too bad the fair isn't going on, we are able to do that and get a HUGE TX feel...fried butter anyone?!

  2. So excited for you two! I can't wait to read about it!

  3. uhhmm YAYAYAYAY!! I am so excited to do all of the things mentioned above in ADDITION TO coming home with a Texan accent. Gotta have that Texas swag when I return to the Chi. Love you to the moon and back of course my little sare bear.

  4. Love Billy Bobs! Is there going to be a group or artist performing when you go?

  5. Ahhh I totally want to do Texas your way! Sounds fun!!

  6. Aww! So fun and exciting!! Can't wait to see the post!

  7. Oh man... Joe T's and Billy Bob's sounds amazing! Geez I miss Texas!

  8. Sounds like you girls are going to have a blast!!! I'm jealous! ;-)


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