Wedding Wednesday: The Rehearsal Dinner

Hey everyone, I'm back with another Wedding Wednesday Post! Last week I wrote about the actual rehearsal, but since our rehearsal dinner was a big "to-do", I decided to post about it by itself!

So, my husband and I went back and forth for quite a few months about whether we should have a dance at our wedding or not.  We couldn't agree on music, then we couldn't figure out where people could dance, it was a big mess.  The "theme" that I was going for for my wedding I don't even know how to describe, but like a classy, winter wonderland (we got married in December '11). Since I wanted it to be classy and what-not, I didn't want people drunk and doing the YMCA at my wedding. I know, I know, almost everyone told me I was nuts for not wanting a dance at my wedding.  I tried compromising with my husband if the music would like big band music, or like the classical background music. I didn't want people running around and getting crazy.  Since he and his family were pretty put out with me not wanting a big party/dance, we decided since they were doing the rehearsal dinner, that they could throw a huge party/dance for the dinner, and so they did!

In Texas, we drink iced tea in the winter time too!


Eating before the dance started

I'm obsessed with this white tree!

Bridesmaid Katie!

Jeffrey's friends really got into the dances

They ended up renting a event center and decorating it up to match the wedding.  They had a local BBQ place cater. My husband's step-dad is Hispanic, so his family made homemade Mexican rice and beans for everyone.  If you have never had homemade Mexican rice and beans, I feel sorry for you. The food was incredible, and we invited nearly everyone that was going to the wedding to the rehearsal dinner as well.

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance

Our First Dance

After we ate, the DJ played a song for my dad and I to dance to, then one for Jeffrey and his mom, then one for him and I.  Everyone told me I HAD to have a "first" dance, so ours was the night before our wedding.  After the dances were done, everyone got on the dance floor and partied the night away. No, not really, just until 12 when they made me leave because it was officially my wedding day and Jeffrey and I weren't supposed to see each other until the wedding.

We had SO much fun. I do not regret not having a dance at our wedding, and having the dance the night before at all.  I thought it was a great way for everyone to get what they wanted. It was a great way to get all my nervousness out and really let loose before I got married.  It also allowed us a chance to spend some extra time with people who came from out of town for the wedding.

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  1. What a fun rehearsal dinner. We just went to a restaurant, haha.

  2. That picture of all the iced tea makes me so thirsty! haha
    It looks like you guys had a great time!!

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