Wedding Wednesday: Our Engagement Photos!

Hey friends, so I know it's been awhile since I've last posted for Wedding Wednesday! If you missed it or need to catch up you can:

Click HERE for our Looove Story
Click HERE for our Engagement Story

Now onto more important things, pictures!! We took these photos a month or so after we got engaged in our hometown of Kerrville. Our friend Martha had just started her own photography business so we recruited her to do them for us. I love to stalk other people's engagement photos, and I'm completely obsessed with my own, so without further ado, my engagement photos!

**Taken by Martha from Martha Ann's Photography**

Which photo is your favorite? I don't think I can pick one!


  1. So VERY sweet! I think the first one is my favorite, even though you can't see his face. Your face is sweet and very excited :)

  2. Hey! I am stopping by from the Wildcard Wednesday & I am your newest follower! Gosh, I was browsing your organizing page and need you to seriously come organize my makeup is a complete mess right now lol The pics above are soo cute, congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  3. These pictures are adorable! I think the last one is my favorite :) I found you via Wildcard Wednesday and I'm excited to see more of you :)
    Keia @

  4. These are seriously adorable!! So cute!!!


  5. They are all beatiful! I love the second one the most! Yall look like your out of a magazine :)

  6. These are adorable! New follower from find + follow

  7. All of the pictures look great, can't pick a favourite :) x

  8. Congratulations! You both look so beautifully young and's hard to like one photo over another. I think my favorites are #1, #2, and the last one. Best of Luck! Lynaea @


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