#piclove365 Come Join us!

Hey friends! So this is weird, posting on a Saturday! Anyways this will be a quick post for you! Myself and a few other bloggers are starting up an Instagram challenge! We are going to do a picture a day for the next year starting...TODAY! The hashtag is #piclove365.  At the end of every month we are thinking of doing a link up so you can link up a post of your favorite photos from the month!  If you are joining us be sure to let me know so we can all follow you on Instagram and I can add you to the list.  You don't have to start today, this isn't some formal thing, it's just to help us become more aware of our surroundings and enjoying every day!

My instagram is : @limitedspaceorganizing

Other bloggers joining in:

Lauren- @simplywithasmile
Kate- @katerella83
LB- @lbinwonderland
Candice- @juststaylovely_
Adriana- @ac_glam


  1. Gosh , I don't have an instagram account. So I will be envying you during the challenge!

  2. Sounds fun! @thepearlandthepilot :)

  3. I dont have an account either. no smart phone :(

  4. WOO!! and we have more friends! so great!

  5. I want in! @Runningwithmytiaraon!


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