Meet My Bloggie Friend: Melissa!!!

Hey guys!! So I have another guest post for you today!! Today you get to meet the amazing Melissa!! This girl is so awesome, and I was SO EXCITED when she offered to guest post for me! She is so cute and funny and makes incredible mood boards! Be sure to go check out her blog and say hi!!

Hello, everyone! My name is Melissa and I blog at Eleven Sixty.

no make up and waaay too excited to eat.
keepin' it real here, folks.
I live with my husband (Randy) and our pup (Lois) in Northeastern Ohio.

My true passion is interior design and decorating, but I often blog about life's happenings and other lovely things. I originally started blogging as a creative outlet. I work full-time as an office manager at a law firm. You can imagine that I use zero creativity skills at work. I needed a place to explore my interests. Blogging has turned into much more than a creative outlet for me. I love the connections I have made with other people and being inspired by other blogs.
Here are a few more facts about yours truly:
  • I love the Golden Girls
  • 90's Nickelodeon shows on DVD is the only television my children will watch
  • I went to school at The Ohio State University for Film Studies
  • Sitting on my office desk is the "What is Your Poo Telling You" daily calendar
  • 8 people in my personal life know about my blog
  • I absolutely HATE the smell of bubble gum
  • I love wine, but cannot drink it. The headaches are excruciating 
  • I turn on the Real Housewives as soon as I get home from work. I do chores and cook with the show on in the background
  • I have two tattoos. The Irish claddagh on the back of my neck and "I love you" in my great grandma's handwriting under my left bicep.
  • I have worked out twice in my entire life and I have set foot into a gym once in my life. I know. It's bad.

I hope you're still here after the Poo calendar comment...

Come by and say hello! I love meeting new people and following new blogs!
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  1. yay my blogging bestie. everyone go say hi to melissa she rocks:)

  2. Visiting from the link up.Following you on bloglovin. WOuld love it if you followed me back as well. Don't forget to link up today: show me your favorite spring trend. I'm also hosting a giveaways for a $300 gift card to Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic. Stop by and enter.


  3. Fun to meet your friend! Will check out her spot!

  4. Makes me super sad about the wine! But she's pretty awesome


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