Meet My Bloggie Friend Candice!!!!

As I have mentioned like ten thousand times already, I'm super busy with tax season this week, so I'm having a few "bloggie" friends help me out by guest posting!! I'm SO SO excited Candice said she would help out! She was one of the first bloggers I met because we started blogging at the same time. LOVE this girl, go check out her blog!!
 photo ScreenShot2013-04-09at71012PM_zps99aff475.png  photo photo-223_zps2e442880.jpg

he really does love me I swear
I hope you stop over and say hello:)

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  1. You girls are both awesome! I'm glad I started blogging again, having you girls be new at it (and falling in love with your blogs) makes me excited about blogging!

  2. Candice is great! I love your blog. It's inspired me to think about organizing...still working on the actual organizing part!



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