How to Organize Your Bathtub/Shower

Okay, let's admit it, we all have some pretty unorganized showers! In continuation of "April Showers: Bathroom Organization Month," today we are going to organize them!  Being a girl is hard, we need a lot of different products for our hair, then we also need face wash, good smelling soap, shaving cream, razor, the list goes on and on.  With all of these products taking over our showers, it can really look like a mess! 

I am no exception to this, I have all my girly products too, but one day I looked into our shower, and saw the mess and my lovely OCD kicked in.  I couldn't take it all being spread out all over the place anymore.  I ran down the street to Ross and got a stand to put in the shower, and went to the dollar store for some suction cups with hooks.  Total: about $10! This is a super easy and quick way to just make those showers look a little nicer, and not to mention more organized.  Throw away the bottles that are mostly empty and take out the stuff you hardly use. I now just keep the main essentials in our shower, and it's worked amazingly!

Here are my before and after!

I know, a lot of you are probably thinking, "I have WAY more stuff than that!", I did too...before I got married! haha I've had to tone it down a bunch since we have gotten married.  Oh, and secret....the reason we have our loofa's (sp?) hung up so high? Our cat likes to jump into the tub and eat/play with them!  

** Do you have an organized bathroom and want to show it off? Email me at limitedspaceorganizing(at)gmail(dot)com**


  1. I love that little shelf. Unfortunately the ledge in my bathroom isn’t wide enough for one like that. I do use the over the shower shelf, though!

  2. I will definitely be doing this when we move! Although I have liter-sized shampoo & conditioner so I may need a couple :)

  3. I love the little shelf. I don't think I've seen one like that before. I'm NEED to grab one! :-)

  4. That is the perfect shower shelf! Our bathroom is definitely unorganized and overly crowded with products!

    Fizz and Frosting

  5. Helpful blog! :)
    xoxo Aimee

  6. Hello!! Major score finding you through Wildcard Wednesdsay!! Love the organization post and your guac post was making me CRAVING some delicious guac! Can't wait to read more!

  7. Thank you for this tip! I'll be moving in my new place in a month. It's a very small unit so I need to be wise in organizing my stuff!

  8. I love that stand you found! We use a rack that hangs on the shower head but I think I like your more :)

    Found you Via GFC Lovin Blog Hop

  9. Only $10?! That's a great deal, and I've got to organize my shower - it's a mess! Thanks for the tip. I'm following you through The Hump Day Blog Hop!

  10. My shower could definitely use some organization! You did a good job! Following you through the blog hop :)

  11. Those stands for products in the shower/bathtub are lifesavers!

  12. I love the way you used this stand, so cute and functional! I have some bathroom pics to share. I will email you!

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  14. Where did you get that little shelf? My roommate and I have a crazy amount of stuff in our shower!! Found you through the blog collective and would love a follow back!

    - Heather


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