Bathroom Organization Guest Post: Samantha from Life, Style, Love!

Hey Friends!! Today I have the lovely Samantha showing off her super organized bathroom for our April Showers: Bathroom Organization Month!! Be sure to tell her hi and go check out her blog!! Thanks y'all!


Hi, Limited Space Organizing readers! My name is Samantha and I blog over at Life Style Love. Sarah has graciously allowed me to share some of my favorite aspects of my bathroom organization. Not only do I love for things to be organized, but I also love for them to be pretty to the eyes and cheap to the budget. Which is why I am proud of how I've arranged our small bathroom in our one-bedroom apartment. 

Between my husband and I we have a lot of stuff. Okay, yes, most of it is probably mine. But I needed to find a way to organize our things not only so that everything has it's 'own place', but also so that it's easy for both of us to maintain. It doesn't do any good if you spend hours organizing, only to have to redo it 3 weeks later. Here is what I love about our bathroom organization:

1. Labels - pretty and obvious. I love how they look and my hubs loves that he knows exactly where to find something or where to put it back. Head over here to see how I made them.

2. The things we use on a daily basis are in the front. The things we rarely use, i.e. first aid kit, extra shampoo, extra washcloths, are in the back or on the bottom shelf.

3. Hooks in the shower. I noticed Sarah also uses these in her shower/bathtub.

4. All materials are multi-purpose. The crates and shelves can be used in a bathroom, linen closet, storage room, kitchen, or even bedroom closet. If you're like me and like to change around your storage/organization every so often, then having items like these that can be used in so many different ways are extremely practical.

5. I used office organizers in the bathroom! If you're trying to organize your bathroom, don't limit yourself to the bathroom section in Target. Look in all sections - who knows what idea you might come up with.

My total cost: about 5 dollars for this project! This is because I only had to buy the supplies to make the labels and only used a small portion of the labeling supplies. Often times, an area can be organized just by making use of things you have lying around. I happened to already have extra crates and shelves that were not being used so I didn't need to buy those. However, they can normally be found for around $5.00 each on average. {similar: here} Totally reasonable.

Thanks for reading and I hope I shared just one thing that has inspired you to try something new with your own space. And thanks to Sarah for letting me share! xo, samantha


  1. stopping by from the blog hop at:

    this is great!!! want to come and organize my bathroom now!? LoL

  2. Hi my lovely,

    Thank you so much for joining Friday Chaos – Hope you found some great blogs & gain some awesome new followers.
    Be sure to stop by again soon, don’t be a stranger :)

    Lotte xo

  3. Love the labels! They are very appealing:) Desperately need to organize my bathroom. Thanks for the inspiration (and frugal tips)

  4. I love the colorful labels! Labeling is pretty much my favorite! ;-)

  5. I wish we lived closer so you could come over and help me organize my closets and bathrooms! You always do such a great job :)


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