April Showers: Bathroom Organization Month!

Since last month's March to Your Closet was so successful, I decided to keep up with this organizational month theme.  As you can tell, the month of April is all about the bathroom! Come on, admit it, we ALL need some help with our bathrooms!

This month I will be posting organizational tips for your bathroom, along with before and after's, and inspiration.  If you have an organized bathroom or a great bathroom organizational tip that you would like for me to share, please email me at limitedspaceorganizing(at)gmail(dot)com!


  1. Will be anxiously awaiting the tips!

  2. I hope this will cover kid's bathrooms as well... Mine looks like a tornado went through CONSTANTLY!

  3. I was actually just going to write to you and ask about doing bathrooms. I can't wait to read your tips! I'm embarrassed about how disorganized my makeup and daily face cleaning stuff is!

  4. With all these organization tips, you may just be my new best friend! :) Haha!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!



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