Let's Organize: Your Closet!

Hey friends! So this month, I am declaring it "March to Your Closet" Spring Cleaning Month! All month I will be posting various tips, inspiration, and before and after's of closet clean-outs (along with my usual meals and DIY's)!  Having an unorganized closet is one of my pet peeves, so let's all get together this month and clean out those closets!  You know you need to! :)


Your new best friend,


  1. ahh yay!! Great Idea! Definitely joining especially because I am in the process of moving into my new apartment in Boston! This will be a great opportunity to start going through my clothes!

  2. I just started to follow tour blog, and I can't wait to read all your tips! Have a messy closet is one of the worst things ever!

  3. I'm so excited that I found your blog. I'm obsessed with organizing! :)

  4. You'll be proud, I reorganized my closet this morning! I'm gonna need you to come clean out all the clothes I don't wear like you did in college though :)


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