How to Organize Your Closet!

I love organizing closets. It's like a weird tick in me.  If I see an unorganized closet, it immediately draws me in and I can't concentrate until it's done.  I really can't pinpoint a time when I started doing it, but I have to have an organized closet, otherwise I go nuts!  There is nothing better than walking into your closet first thing in the morning, and being able to see everything you own in it's rightful spot! As I have mentioned before, I have cleaned out/organized my entire family's closets, and all of my friends' closets. This is actually what I would love to do for a living! I've had a few clients already, and will be showing one of their closets at the end of the month! Since I have been doing this so long, I actually have a method/system for how I do it, and in honor of "March to Your Closet" month, I figured I would share it!

Step 1:
Take everything out of your closet (you can do this step section by section so you don't overwhelm yourself)

Step 2:
Create 3 piles-Keep, Donate, and Throw Away
Start sorting, one piece at a time.  This project takes a lot of patience, and it will get annoying and frustrating, but the end result is so worth it! I promise!
When sorting clothes, ask yourself, "Would I wear this today?", "When was the last time I wore this?", "If I was in the store right now, would I buy this?".  What you are doing, is basically shopping in your closet!

Step 3:
Once all of your piles are done, get rid of all, and every wire hanger! Wire hangers will be the death of me.  I cannot stand them! They tangle, snag, your clothes slip off, and they aren't sturdy! I like to have all of the same type of hanger.  I get the white plastic ones from Wal-Mart, they are like two dollars for ten.  You don't have to do this part all at once (I'm still working on it), but every time you go to the store, just buy a pack, and in no time you'll have enough!  I also don't mind the clear plastic ones that you get at department stores.  They are very sturdy, and have divots to hold up my tank tops.

Step 4:
Hang everything up.  It doesn't matter in what order or anything, get it all off your bed and into the closet.  I am a visual person.  I like to see everything that I am working with!

Step 5:
Start organizing!
Figure out where you want your pants, skirts, dresses, long-sleeved shirts, t-shirts, short-sleeved shirts, tank tops, and spaghetti strap shirts.
Once everything is in the correct section, color coordinate.  I change my colors every so often, but this is what I usually do: White, Cream, Light Pink, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Light Gray, Gray, Dark Gray, Black, (and if I ever own any, Brown).
    **If you want to be even more super organized, I organize my pants by cropped and regular length, and dresses by sleeve-less, short sleeve, three-quarters, and long**

Step 6:
Take a step back and enjoy your amazingly new and improved organized closet!!

**Don't forget to go donate those clothes you are getting rid of! Do this as soon as you can.  The longer it stays in your possession, the more likely you are to go through it and rethink your decisions.  Out of sight, out of mind!**

How do you organize your closet? Do you have a special way of doing it?  

***If you live in the central Texas area and would like me to come clean out your closet, email me at limitedspaceorganizing(at)gmail(dot)com!


  1. My closet is a hot mess, so I totally needed this! I'm also kind of particular about all of my hangers being the same, so I guess I'm one step ahead of where I thought I was. :)

    Stopping by from Whatever Goes Wednesday!

  2. Great informational post! I have made the mistake of not donating right away. Bad idea! :o)

  3. My weird tick is that my husband's unorganized closet really bothers me, but my unorganized closet doesn't, ha! Since having a baby, I've had to share my closet space with him and that's proved to be a great way to make me throw out clothes that I don't wear anymore :)

  4. This is exactly what I do! Well, when I'm not feeling lazy. I organize my clothes in that same order. Looks so much better and saves so much time when you're getting dressed! I really want to get those nice wooden hangers at some point.

  5. Thanks for the organizational inspriation! I definitely need to do some work in my closet. Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday!

  6. hey there. I honestly could use this helpful info and it could benefit me in the long run. My closets are so unorganized but very small too. I'm Laney and a Newbie here. Hope you can come and follow me back!

  7. Hello. I saw you at the Linkin' with the Ladies and I am your newest follower in GFC from I look forward to seeing you over at my blog next :)

  8. Practical tips eh!? I like your closet!

  9. Btw, got you from Someday Crafts link party.

  10. Hi Sarah, Found you over at Someday Crafts. Thanks for sharing your system!

  11. Hi Sarah

    This is just fantastic - my closet is far too disorganised and I never quite seem to get it how I want it. Taking my i-pad and this post upstairs to start working on it! Thanks.

    Found you via the Linkin with Ladies hop and looking forward to following on Bloglovin and Pinterest.

    Kate x

  12. Awesome post! I just moved and need to do some organizing!

  13. Visiting from Favorite Frock Fridays link up. Love this post. I did one recently about organizing your closet and cleaning it out twice a year. Great tips.


  14. Great tips! I am always afraid when I open my closet doors ~ what is going to fall on me today?! LOL
    Stopping by from CB&BP Linkup... New follower :]

    The Parlor Girl

  15. Sarah, we have another thing in common! I love a good organized closet, in fact I have been asked to help my friends organize their closets whenever they move into a new place. I even did my sister’s closet as a Christmas present one year. I organize everything by seasons, then by color, then by sleeve length (for shirts and dresses). I love a colorful closet so I put everything in rainbow order. Whenever I myself have moved into a new place, my closet needs to be the first thing I unpack. It just makes me feel so much better knowing everything is in its place. I love organization!!! I need to do more organization posts myself.

  16. Great tips that everyone can benefit from. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I just found your blog from The Daily Tay and you are like my kin on the organization kick! I just finished color coding and organizing my closet yesterday and it made me feel like a new woman! Haha I look forward to reading more of your blog!


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