High Five for Friday!

Hey everyone! I'm linking up as usual this week for High Five for Friday!

1. For my "Monday Meals" post this week, I made Cream Cheese Stuffed Cornflake Chicken!! You don't want to miss this recipe!

2. This week I wrapped up my "March to Your Closet" spring cleaning month by featuring different closets.  This closet is one of my clients' closets that I had the opportunity to organize! You will definitely want to check out these before and after's!!

3. This beautiful closet is that of Lacey from sunny+ turquoise, she keeps her closet super organized and let us come take a peek!

4. Ever heard of Aubrey Kinch?? If you haven't be sure to go to her blog today, she posted her "Friday Freebie" which is a phone background! She cleaned out her closet and let me feature her before and after's!! She is also hosting a BLOG SALE to sell her clothes! Go check it out!

5. Last but not least, this is my closet! It wasn't super unorganized, but needed some sprucing, go see what it looks like now!

**Need a new book to read on your iPad or Nook?? I'm hosting my FIRST GIVEAWAY!! Please click HERE to go enter for a Living Space by Kathryn Weber eBook! She writes about cheap and easy DIY projects and organizational tips!! It's a fun read and really got me motivated to do more projects!**


  1. March to your closet challenge is a great idea! I worked on my closet this past week. Def made a difference but I so desperately need to get rid of clothes and that's the hardest part for me! Happy Friday to ya!

  2. yay loved all the closet posts this week girl!! Have a great weekend :)

  3. i really need to jump on the closet organizing bandwagon. my closets are tiny so it's so hard to keep everything neat, but it won't get better until i work on it! hopefully i can put my sweaters away SOON!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  4. I'm heading over to check out that recipe now. It sounds beyond amazing! :-)

  5. You are subconsciously making me want to clean my closet...

  6. you Monday meal looks AMAZING!!! can i have your left overs!? LoL



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