Closet Organization: Complete

This month has been super fun seeing everyone's organized closets, and learning tips along the way! This will be the last post for "March to Your Closet" month, then it's on to something new that I'm already working on! I decided for the last post I'd show y'all my closet.  Although it wasn't unorganized per se, but it definitely was not to my liking.

Here is what it looked like (I did not do anything to the closet before taking this pic btw)

So, yeah, this is embarrassing! haha Yes, that is a Valentine's Day balloon that I got from my husband over a month ago! (and yes, unfortunately, he has made me keep it, it's still not deflated) I had to put it in the closet away from the cat so that she wouldn't pop it.  I also thought that it would just naturally deflate. Um, yeah. It didn't.  And yes, that is also a shoe organizer that has, count 'em, ZERO shoes on it.  Another thing I just through in the closet so our cat wouldn't mess with it.  But, as you can see, the closet isn't THAT bad, just needs a little sprucing up!

First, of course I went through all of my clothes and my husbands and took out everything we didn't want or wear anymore.

When we looked in the closet it didn't look like we had gotten rid of very much, but after looking at our bed we really did! This really puts into perspective how much clothes you can have and not even know it!

So after taking out the clothes we didn't want anymore, I set up our shoe organizer for real, took out the balloon, and color coordinated the clothes.

Here's the end result!

Here's a side-by-side before and after for ya!

Doesn't look like a huge difference, but it is for us!! We can actually walk into the closet now! 

How do you clean out your closet? Do you do it all in one sitting?

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  1. Looking extra clean and spiffy lady!! Have a fab Friday!!

  2. Looks great! I organize by color coding and separating by item (shirts, pants, dresses. It helps me find things much easier.

    Have a great weekend!

    Classy with a Kick

  3. This came just in time! I need to organize!

  4. I love color coding my closet! Yes, I'm a little OCD. ;-)


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