Client Closet Makeover!

As March to Your Closet Spring Cleaning Month is coming to an end, here is the long awaited for closet that I had the opportunity to organize!! I eventually want to start my own business cleaning out closets, and this client allowed me a great chance to work on my skills!

She had two walk-in bathroom closets that needed some major work done, and I was more than happy to get my hands on these closets! I'm pretty sure all my OCD friends are about to freak out looking at these before pictures, but here we go! I've labeled the pictures "Closet One" and "Closet Two" so y'all can keep track!

Crazy, right?! I couldn't wait to dive into this mess!! Here is a picture of the floor of the closets:

She also has this amazing bathtub that she couldn't get to, so of course I had to clean that up as well!

The first step to cleaning out these closets, was to take absolutely everything out of the closets.  The key to organization is to start with a clean slate.  Now, mind you, this project took me a day and a half to do.  It takes awhile, but is SO worth it in the end! Once the clothes and shoes, and everything else you can find, are cleared out, start going through it all by creating piles.  I did four piles : Keep, Donate, Throw Away, and Maybe.  I usually do only three, but since there were so many clothes, it was hard to decide right at the moment if my client wanted the item or not. Here is her donate pile after we went through all the clothes! I wish I was sitting next to it to really show the magnitude of how many clothes she was getting rid of. That's a large armoire the clothes are next to if that helps at all. (photographer mistake lol)

One thing that I cannot stand are wire hangers!! Unfortunately, my client had a ton of them from dry cleaning her clothes, I got rid of as many as I could before we put everything else back. Having uniform hangers, or as close to uniform, is a cheap and easy way to make your closet look organized.

I like to surprise my clients with the end result, so I made her leave while I put everything away and organized it.  Since she ended up getting rid of an entire closet full of clothes, I had a lot of extra room to work with.  I decided to use "Closet Two" as her current season clothes...which happens to be winter right now.  Then the other closet, "Closet One," was for her formal dresses, summer clothes, and all of her accessories.  It originally was just going to be accessories (purses, shoes, scarves, etc) but the summer clothes fit perfectly!  To dress up Closet Two, I lined up all of her formal shoes to give a boutique feel.

Don't you want to just light some candles and jump into this tub with some wine and bubbles?!

To really get the effect of this closet makeover, let's do some side-by-side before and after's!

What do y'all think?? I'm obsessed, I think they turned out great. The best part? It didn't cost any money! You can all do this with your closets! 

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  1. Hey new follower here! Found your blog via the blog hop! LOVE your work! I am a bit of an organizing freak myself when it comes to my closet, but am always looking for tips! :)


  2. Amazing!! Really makes me want to tackle mine this weekend before Spring really shows up!

  3. You really need to come over and do my closet now!!!! You did an excellent job; I'm so jealous! By the way, I'm here from the blog hop and am now following you via GFC and all your social networks. Feel free to follow me back:






    blog url

  4. Looks great!!! This makes me want to go home and do mine closets ASAP!

  5. Looks so good! My closet looks more like your before pictures. I need to work on that! I've struggled since we bought our home because I don't have the big closets like I did in our apartment. Ugh. There's a little bit of Carrie Bradshaw in us all. ;)

    Stopping by from the Bloglovin hop! New follower there! :)

    Like Ordinary Life

  6. This makes my feel guilty about my messy closet.....oops.....

  7. Want to come over to my house?? Great job! The closets look great! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  8. This is amazing! So cool that you're turning your organizational skills into a business. You're great at it!

    Also, I can't wait to show my husband these before pictures. It might be the only closet I've ever seen that's more out of hand than mine haha. I'll bet your client is super relieved to have them organized. I know I would be :)

  9. I reorganize my closet every 4-6 months. It lasts about 2 weeks...
    I am a pretty organized person but the closet, well, it doesn't benefit from that so much.

    Here from Grab a Friend bop.

  10. Hello from IHeart Organizing's link up! Please follow back if you have the chance. Have a great day. :)


  11. Such a great job you did here! I myself am having some closet issues. All my stuff is just jammed in that small space. This will surely inspire cabinets NJ lovers out there. My closet is definitely screaming for a clean up! At least I do not have wire hangers to deal with! Thank you for this inspiration!

  12. This is pretty amazing! I really love your organization ideas, and those fabric drawers are just fabulous! I am really inspired right now. I guess it is also time for my own closet to have some sprucing up. This will surely inspire cabinets NJ lovers out there. Thank you for sharing this very useful post!


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