DIY Spring Wreath

Hey guys! So last week, Michelle over at announced she was doing a Winter Pinterest Challenge link party with three other beautiful ladies, (Katie at, Sherry at, and Megan at Of course, I had to jump on board! Pinterest is such an inspirational website. So many great ideas out there!! 

For my project I made a DIY wreath, you can find my pin HERE. A very creative blogger named Dana makes these wreaths with people's house numbers on them (love this idea!) but  I decided to do a normal wreath with spring colors, because here in Texas, it's technically already spring! (It's supposed to be sunny and 70 tomorrow! Be jealous!) and I don''t live in a house, I live in an apartment so no numbers for me :(.

-Wreath: found mine at Michael's for $4.99
-Fake flowers: as many as you want
-Hot glue gun
-1 Wooden letter (optional)

This is such an easy project. First, you  cut the fake flowers so you have each individual stem.  Then, start "stuffing" them in the places you want them to go.  Mine just stuck in there.  If you want to reinforce and make sure they don't move you can add a drop of hot glue.  Once all the flowers are in the right spots, hot glue your letter on.  Once it is all dry, it's ready to hang!

Check out some other Pinterest inspired projects I've done:

Original Tutorial

These are my DIY mason jars I made a couple weeks ago. Click here to see the post!

Here is another wreath I did.  My husband is an Aggie, so he had me do maroon and white.

Who else participated in this challenge? Have you ever made a wreath?


Your new best friend,


  1. Sarah, those wreaths are beautiful! I would love to make a wreath with a B for our front door... might need to stop by the craft store one weekend


  2. I'm actually doing the challenge too! I'm glad you posted this, because I had my post ready and almost forgot to update it :)

    Your wreaths look great!! I always make my own, because they're so easy and inexpensive. I'm actually getting ready to begin my Spring decor (it's getting warmer here in SC), and a wreath is the first thing on my list!

  3. I LOVE you mason jars!! They look awesome girl!


  4. Very pretty!! Makes me want spring!!!

  5. I love fun and easy projects! Very cute!


  6. Thanks so much everyone! This project was super easy, everyone can do it!

  7. So pretty Sarah! I love the little wooden letter!!

  8. I love your takes on pinterest ideas! I love your wreath!

  9. I have never made a wreath but love love that last one!


  10. I lovelovelove those wreaths!! I'm planning to make the initial one this spring, but I feel like I can't do it until we take our Christmas lights down, which can't happen until it melts more here. Canadian problems. Sigh.

  11. Too cute! Love the wreaths! It seems like I'm always making a new wreath!

    Jenna @


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