Quick Tip!- Best Way to Hang Curtains Without Any Holes

Hey everyone!  I am just writing a quick post today, as it IS the weekend, and its sunny and 65 degrees here in Dallas! I have to go enjoy the outdoors! But before I do, I wanted to share a quick tip for my limited space home renters. (apartments, house renters, condos, town homes)  Really, anyone can do this, but we just can't have holes in our walls like you big-time home owners!!

Have you ever wanted curtains, but didn't know how to hang them without having to put huge holes in the wall? (and making sure it's level for that matter...?) Well the best and easiest way that I have found is through command strips! All you do is go to the store and buy command hooks that are large enough to hold your curtain rod, figure out how high and where you want your curtains to be, stick the sticky on the wall, and hang your curtains! I used three hooks for this window because it's such a big window, but for smaller windows you just need two. Easy right?  Of course you can't hang those super heavy curtains, but I have been doing this for three years now and haven't had much of any issue. (other than my cat trying to climb up them....then the sticky will come off the wall...just fyi)

Like my curtains? You can click HERE to see how I painted them! (Yes, PAINTED them!)

Have you come up with an alternative to hanging curtains without putting holes in the wall? I'd love to hear your ideas! Be sure to leave a comment!

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