Limited Space Organizing-Featured Bloggers #1

I'm so excited about this post today y'all! I'm featuring two wonderful bloggers and how they organized some of their limited spaces!

First up: Megan at The Remodeled Life
Megan. Is. Awesome. Seriously, go check out her blog! She is all about DIY crafts, interior designing and home decorating, all on a budget! Gotta love that, right? On Monday she posted about how she organized her "pantry."  Because they live in an older home, they don't have a designated pantry. So, instead, they use an antique cabinet.  The problem with small spaces is that they get messy and unorganized so much more quickly than larger spaces, as Megan learned.
If there isn't a designated spot for something, your cabinet will end up like this! She took out everything from the cabinet (First step of ANY organizational project), and then sorted through it all. Keeping what she needed, and threw away the old stuff.  After making some labels and adding in some pretty wrapping paper for a liner, her cabinet looks like this!

How great does this look??  I love how everything has a place and you can easily see everything you need!

Next up: Erin from Managing the Manor
Erin is all about DIY on a budget and is lucky enough to have an amazing husband who helps her with all of her projects.  She and her husband actually remodeled an entire house themselves! Now that seriously is an accomplishment!! You gotta go check out her blog! I also MUST mention she wrote a post about how to get your paperwork organized for tax season, now that is my kind of girl! (click here for the post) So, Erin's limited space organizing post was all about a little cove in her new house that she has been wanting to change into a home office.  Here is her before picture:

The holidays hit just after they moved, so the cove was left unattended, until now! She sorted through everything and kept only the things she needed.  Here is her after:

I could just die for this office space.  Although it is a small area, keeping it super organized like Erin does makes it functional and easy to use. Not to mention it keeps the clutter away!  I love how she has everything labeled so that everyone can see where things go.  I actually like how it is in it's own little cove area, it makes it more fun.  And who doesn't like her lamp?! Seriously. So. Cute.

How do you keep your limited space organized? Want me to feature you in a Limited Space Organizing post? Email at limitedspaceorganizing(at)gmail(dot)com


Your new best friend,


  1. Yay! Thanks again for the feature--you're too sweet. We accountants rock :)

  2. I need someone to come in and organize a second bedroom of mine... oy vey...

  3. Hey, new follower from the GFC Blog Hop. Looks great! I can't wait to get my office organized. :)



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