Let's Organize: Junk/Craft Drawer

Well, this is slightly embarrassing to show y'all, but I know that I am not the only one out there that has been cursed by the terrible junk drawer!  My junk drawer is usually at least a little bit organized, but since we moved here so quickly, we just kind of threw things that didn't have a place into these drawers!  So let's jump right on in!

The first step to organizing anything, is to completely clear the area you are working with, that way you are starting with a clean slate.

In this case, I needed to empty out both drawers of all of their stuff!  Next, I just went through everything that was in those drawers.  I wanted one drawer designated as the "junk" drawer and one to be a crafting drawer, so I separated my stuff to go into whichever drawer it belonged to.  I had some storage containers that I got at Target awhile back, so I put them in the drawers first, and went from there.  

It's not perfect yet, but at least everything is in its right drawer, and it looks a lot better!

Do you have a junk drawer? How do you organize it?


Your new best friend,


  1. Looking good! You're definitely not the only one with a scary junk drawer...I'm currently working on organizing my craft room, which is basically the junk drawer blown up to room size. The worst. Can't wait for it to be all clean and organized though!

    1. Thanks Jayda! I would love to have an entire room dedicated to crafting! But I can totally see how it could get messed up real fast!

      I know you posted about it yesterday, you should post some after pictures when you get it all done! I would love to see what you did!


  2. I just did our junk drawer a few months ago. I had found drawer dividers at Target and they made a huge difference. Second only to the trash can. :)

    1. Your trashcan is definitely your best friend whenever you are cleaning anything out!! Drawer dividers are a great idea!


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