Let's Organize: Everyday Makeup

Hey all! So today we are going to talk about makeup.  Like most women, I have a TON of makeup.  But for everyday use, I only use the same few products. I had all of my makeup in a makeup bag and had to dig through it every morning to find that tiny eyeliner pencil, which ended up with some serious frustration in my book.  So I did something about it.  I got this makeup organizer for Christmas (doesn't my family know me so well?), and decided it could work perfectly for holding my everyday makeup.

All of my other makeup is still in the bag and just waiting to have a home, but for now all I use are these few things. Although this organizer does work perfectly, it was just so plain looking. I needed to girlify (is that a word?) it up!  I saw Cassie at Hi Sugarplum use Washi tape to decorate her office organizer and it looked adorable, so since I have a ton of Washi tape, it was the perfect solution! I wrapped it once around the sides, and then covered the bottom.

What do you think? Do you do anything to keep your makeup organized?


Your new best friend,

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  1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for the sweet comment and welcome, I hope we can stay in touch and share some tips and tricks along the way! I'm definitely following your blog because I am in the same apartment living situation and love coming up with ways to break the decorating mold in it too!



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