Quick and Healthy Ranch Turkey Burgers

Let's Eat!

Hey guys! So for this week's meal, we are making some turkey burgers!

My husband and I love turkey burgers, they are both yummy AND healthy! Two for one!

Anyways, so I found this recipe on Pinterest a long time ago, and just recently tried it out.  I altered it a little bit, and once we tried it, we immediately fell in love with it.  It is a great recipe for when you don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking dinner after a long day of work.

4 Burgers-Ingredients:

-1lb. of ground turkey
-Minced garlic (enough to your liking)
-Chopped chives (enough to your liking)
-1 packet dry Ranch dressing mix
-Saran wrap
-Hamburger buns

Step 1:
In a bowl combine, garlic, chives, Ranch mix, and Turkey

Step 2:
-Take a piece of saran wrap, and put a dollup of the mixed turkey in the middle of it
-Fold over the saran wrap to cover the meat, and pat it flat like a hamburger

Step 3:
-Place patties on grill
-Grill until your liking

Step 4:

What are some cheap, healthy meals y'all make?


Your new best friend,


  1. I just cooked with ground turkey for the first time the other night. Not too bad. This recipe looks pretty tasty!!

    1. This recipe is great! You will definitley have to give it a try!


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