DIY: Rope Wrapped Trashcan


So I have been scouring the apartment for things I want to improve and can improve quickly... and cheaply! While I was putting on my makeup the other day, I saw our trashcan sitting on the floor.  I began to think how ugly it was and how it didn't go with anything in our bathroom.  This trashcan was another cheap, quick buy when I was in college.  I just needed a trashcan and this was the first one I saw.

Ugly right?

I knew I needed to do something about this trashcan.  I could have gone to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and bought a $30 trashcan, OR I could just transform the one I already had.  I realized I could just buy some rope and hot glue it around the trashcan.  It wouldn't be perfect, but it would be a lot better than what I had!


-Hot glue gun
-Lots of hot glue sticks

You can use any sized rope for this project, this is just the only one I found.  I got it at Home Depot for $5, and already had the hot glue gun and glue.  To start the wrapping, I turned the trashcan over and started gluing and wrapping the top first.

After I got the first wrap-around started, it was really easy from there.  I just put some glue every few inches on the trashcan, then pressed the rope on top, and held it for a few seconds.

Half-way done!!

This project was cheap, and really simple.  I'm sure I am the only one who will notice this improvement to our bathroom, but that's okay, at least I know the bathroom looks good!

All finished!
Things I learned:

-Measure around your object before you go and buy the rope, I ran out about 3/4 of the way and had to go run down the road and get some more!!
-If you have holes in your object, be careful because the hot glue will come through 
-I maybe should have spray painted my trashcan white before doing this.  When you look into it, you see blue. Although I don't think many people will be looking at my trashcan that closely, and with the bag on the inside you can barely tell, but just an idea for anyone trying this project!

I completed this project this past weekend, and I am just loving this look.  I have actually started thinking about painting some stripes onto it and give it some color. Ideas?

Do you have anything in your house you can revamp quickly?


Your new best friend,

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