Home Tour: Guest Bedrooms

Thanks so much for all the great comments from Monday's post, y'all! One of the best things about being a blogger, all the support and being able to share great news! I wanted to continue on our home tour for y'all today. Next up we have the guest bedrooms. We have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house, so since you've already seen the master bedroom, here are the other two!

This room will stay the guest room. As you can see it is already set up, and I know my parents and in-laws have already enjoyed staying in here. The walls came painted gray. They left some of the paint behind, so I'm thinking about just doing another fresh coat over this one, as we actually like this color as opposed to the ugly yellow walls the rest of the house had!

I fully intend on getting some new curtains. These ones came with the house and do not block any of the sunlight. The sun shines through those windows bright and early every morning, so we will need some darkening ones if any of our guests are going to want to sleep in! I also want to get a night stand and a rug for this room. Kind of warm it up a little and make it more inviting. I need to hang some things on the wall as well, just haven't gotten to it yet!!

This is our second "guest room" as you can see it is A MESS! This has just been the dump room since we have moved in. I wanted to show you the before picture so you can see what we were having to deal with! The new color is Olympics' Morning Jog, and it is the most perfect light blue color. It goes amazingly with white! Definitely a lot better than that ugly salmon color (what were they thinking?) This room will actually be turning into an office/guest room, and eventually the nursery! It's a real small room so it will work perfectly for this! I will try to put some updated photos up once it looks a little bit better! My parents came last weekend and took the queen bed out of there and gave us their daybed. It actually has a trundle underneath, so when you put it all together it makes a king sized bed. I still need to get a desk in there and then get it all set up! I'm so excited to finally have a place to put our computer and printer! 

I am aware that this might be the world's longest home tour! #bloggerfail I'll tried to get it wrapped up soon!! 

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A Life Update...Overcoming Cancer

Hey friends, today marks an exciting day for me and my family. Today is my mom's last chemo treatment for breast cancer! This day could not come soon enough!! We are so incredibly happy to be moving on and away from this. You might have read my post almost a year ago explaining it all, but I will do a recap for you here.  

At the end of January last year, my mom called me and told me that she had just found out she had breast cancer. It was one of the worst days of my life. I can remember everything so vividly, my world stopped. I am very lucky to have such a close relationship with my mom, I consider her a best friend, and talk to her just about everyday on the phone. I couldn't believe she was going to have to go through this. She didn't deserve it. I prayed and I questioned God, why did this have to happen? Especially now? My husband and I had just moved 5 hours away and tax season was just starting for me. I wanted to be there for my mom the whole way through, but it wasn't going to happen.

On her birthday, a week and a half later, she had a mastectomy. Luckily my boss let me leave so my husband and I could be there for the surgery. It was an incredibly nerve wracking day and exhausting. It was hard to see my mom so vulnerable and scared, but she was so strong. I can't even imagine being in her position, and I hope I never am.  She then started two different chemo treatments, one being the bad one that made her lose her hair, appetite, and energy. The other being one that just made her extremely tired for a day or two. She had her last "bad" chemo treatment last summer, and is ending her other treatment today. She will then go in to have her port removed, have reconstructive surgery, and be able to live her life again like she used to! 

It's so great to see her with her energy and happiness back. God is amazing, He pulled our family even closer through this hard time, and I know we can get through anything. I have the most amazing husband who let me cry on his shoulder all through the night when I couldn't go to sleep, and calmed me down and helped me understand that this stuff happens. I have great friends who checked in on me everyday, who sent my mom cards, and prayed for us. 

Anyways, I know this got wordy, but I just wanted to update everyone, and kind of just have this moment to look back on in my life. I do thank those of you who prayed for my mom and family. I know that they were heard! Do you have any stories like this? I'd love to hear them? Need me to pray for you and your family? Let me know, please!

I will leave you all with this, just saw it on Pinterest:
   "Those who leave everything in God's hand will eventually see God's hand in everything" - Author Unknown

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Home Tour: The Master Closet

This past weekend I was so productive. I made a list of everything I wanted to get done, and got through most of it! Unfortunately, it all caught up to me, and I had to stay home yesterday because I woke up sick. Working long hours of overtime for tax season really seems to be catching up to me. I always tell my friends and family that I'm an 80 yr old lady stuck in a twenty four year old body! If I don't get a good 9-10 hrs of sleep at night, I'll start getting sick, and it's no fun. Thankfully, I got a lot of sleep, so the rest of the week should be okay!

Now let's move on to the reason you are actually reading this post today. My biggest project this past weekend was to finally get our closet organized. I haven't had a chance since we moved in, to really get things organized into a system that would work for us, and it was driving me insane! So the pictures you are seeing are the "after", and I'm hoping that this is how it stays for awhile! My husband's side probably won't stay color coordinated because he isn't OCD like I am about that, but other than that, we should be good! 

Don't judge me on the number of boots I have! I promise I wear them all! A trick I learned to keep them standing up tall instead of falling over each other is to put rolled up magazines in them! How genius is that?! It works perfectly! This is clearly my side of the closet. I did do some purging of items that I wasn't wearing anymore. I feel like I do a pretty good job of wearing all of my clothes, so I was able to keep a lot of them. Two weeks ago, Target had those white plastic hangers on sale, a pack of 10 for $1 or something, so I bought three packs of them. Since we already had a bunch, I just got enough to make sure we have all the same hangers. It really is amazing how much more organized a closet looks with uniform hangers. I WILL say, there are some of those clear plastic hangers in there too. They blend in really well, and I like them for tank tops because the straps don't fall off of them as easily. I do want to start switching over to the felt ones, but they are too expensive for this frugal lady!

I organize my clothes, sleeve-less, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, sweaters, jackets, sleeve-less dress, short-sleeve dress, long-sleeve dress, capris/ankle pants, jeans, work pants. Then each section is organized, white, ROY G BIV, gray, brown, black. It might be a little over excessive, but it works for me!

This is the hubby's side. He clearly has a lot less clothes than me, but has way more shoes! He is an avid runner, and is dedicated to working out, so he has a different pair of shoes for all of his activities. I tried organizing his side the best that I could, but it already no longer looks like this! The shoes are the same, but the pants and shirts are all mixed in with one another and it's driving me crazy! Anyone else's husband do that??

This dresser thing is actually a filing cabinet! I am using it as a dresser though. It has my pj's, work out clothes, and random other things in it right now. This is not my ideal jewelry set up and will hopefully be changing soon, but it's the best I could do for now!

Our closet is like this huge long tunnel, this picture barely even captures it! I can't wait to get it all fixed up the way that I want!! 

-Paint closet
-New rug
-Stain rods
-Get all felt hangers
-New light
-Custom built-ins for more storage

In case you've missed the beginning of the Home Tour, click HERE to read the other posts!

What do y'all think? Do you like to keep your closet organized, or is it a mess?

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Ranch Roasted Asparagus

Asparagus has been one of my most favorite vegetables to eat recently. It's so incredibly easy to cook, and goes with just about any meal, not to mention, it's pretty cheap, and healthy for you! All wins in my book! I first made this recipe when I cooked our garlic and ranch hamburgers. Since I was putting ranch on the burgers, I thought I'd throw some on the asparagus as well!

-1 packet of dry Ranch dressing
-Olive oil
-Salt and Pepper

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees faranheit

2. Break off bottoms of asparagus and rinse off. Spread out the asparagus on a cookie sheet, and drizzle some olive oil on top of it. Next, sprinkle the remaining ingredients.

3. Cook for 10 mins, then take out and flip asparagus over, and cook for 5 more mins. Let cool, and chow down! The asparagus will literally melt in your mouth! We eat it like candy!

What's your favorite thing to eat with asparagus? How do you cook your asparagus?

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Home Tour - Master Bathroom

Hey friends! I am so sorry for the unexpected blogging break! Tax season is in full swing and has me working lots of overtime! I left you last week with my client's closet makeover, and didn't continue the home tour! So here we go again, here is the master bathroom. It's connected to our master bedroom, and I absolutely love it! 

 It's really big, and I'm thinking of putting some kind of vanity or bench or something in here eventually. I also originally wanted to paint it, but the light tan is growing on me. I like that I can easily change the colors but just changing the shower curtain, rugs, and flowers. I also plan on getting some of that stick on window film for that huge window (like this one). Right now there is not a screen or anything on it, so people can see through it. The house next door to us is empty and for sale so I'm not worried about anyone walking by and looking in just yet, but it's definitely on the top of my list of things to do!!

I also love how they framed the mirror! I'm dying to do the same to our guest bathroom so they match. It's amazing how it can make the bathroom look so much nicer! I got our shower curtain from Target. I like that it has my gray and white, but brings a pop of color with the yellow. 

I got these flowers at Michael's, I'm thinking of changing them out with the seasons, but have yet to decide on that. My favorite thing about this bathroom is how much storage there is. After living in apartment after apartment with zero bathroom storage, I now have more bathroom storage than I could ask for! I'm slowly getting them organized and filled up and will be sure to show y'all the end result!

What do y'all think? Should I add a vanity? A bench? Paint? I really like how this looks. I love hearing your opinions and getting new ideas!! PS I'm still loving how much better the baseboards look now that I've caulked them!

-Paint insides of cabinets and drawers
-Paint walls?
-Buy or build vanity/bench
-Put window film on window

In case you missed it:   Our Master Bedroom
                                   Our Entryway
                                   Our Living Room
                                   The Hallway

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